If you are looking for a romantic and quite place, far enough from the urban life, Poplat is your choice. StoneHouse is big enough to leptirraccommodate your family and your friends. There is a huge space around the house for all kinds of different activities to fully relax during your vacation. Whether you prefer lying under the deep shades of pines or lazing on the sunny beach, you can get it both in here. The view to the open sea will remain forever in your memories. Explore the website and see for yourself why we are inviting you to spend an unforgettable vacation, here, in Poplat.

For 15 - 19 persons.
Swimming pool:10,50 m x 5,10 m + 2,00 m x 2,00 m, Sea water.                
Distance from beach: 100 m.
Distance from sea: 50 m.
Rooms: 7
Living room: 4
Jacuzzi: 2
WC: 6

stonehouse cijela

“STONE HOUSE Villa” is an asymmetric ground level house. It was built in 1997, using beautiful Mediterranean white stone. It is a traditional and cultural expression of Dalmatian life. The interior is decorated with various antique items and unique details. You can find paintings done by: M. Brkanovic. In addition, stone and wood sculptures done by the owner of a stone villa: D. Brkanovic. “Stone Villa” has loveliness and uniqueness. Everyone that comes to this artistic influenced residence gets a feeling of romance and relaxation.


The house is located on a private property with dimensions of: 40 x 38 meters. Property has a private parking lot.
The Villa is concealed from public eye and lies gracefully in between tall Mediterranean trees. The property is fenced with traditionally influenced stonewalls that are decorated with modern handcrafted iron details. You have a complete privacy and intimacy at our stone house. Morning views of the horizon, blue sea, and the island Proizd certainly will provide many unforgettable memories. Every morning you will be awaken by a sea melody, sound of winds going through the pine needles, and crickets tirelessly cricketing.Very often you will smell Mediterranean herbs and multicolored flowers. You will catch sight of butterflies, birds, locusts, that flay from flower to flower. In the evening you will experience an unforgettable sunset.  Calming winds that bring you a scent of fresh grilled fish from the neighbors. This is consumed with the world famous olive oil and homemade wine from Korcula. In the evening you can enjoy looking at the sky full of constellations and millions of stars, and see fisherman fishing in the distance.  We guarantee you that “Stone house” is a perfect place for relaxation, romance and fantasy…


Has 4 ground level apartments each with separate entrances. Each apartment has a huge terrace that overlooks the sea.  Each terrace has a Build- in stone grill (Barbeque) for your favorite fish or meat barbequing. Many tourists find our outdoor shower attractive; feeling of the sun and water on your face gives you a feeling of serenity, this can be used as an addition method of relaxation after ocean activities, or simply as evening refreshment. On our enormous property you will always find a place for intimate conversation or just enjoying your favorite book in a deep tree shade on one of our exotic wooden benches. “Stone Villa” also accommodates family sport orientated activities with its private volleyball or badminton court. The Garden is decorated with flowers and organic Mediterranean herbs, which contribute to your full relaxation. We welcome you and your family to your gorgeous summer home. Enjoy your vacation.
Brkanovic family. 

Top view


Rules for use of pool and safety of guests at the StoneHouse (PDF file)

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An intimate and romantic beachfront resort, located in island Korcula, just hours from Dubrovnik, immerses guests in a world of indulgence, offering the world-class.